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  • Data Management company of the Year
  • System Integrator of the Decade
  • Mobile VAS Provider of the Year
  • Social Impact Award
  • Customer Experience of the year
  • Mobile Banking App of the year
  • Cyber Security Company of the Year
  • Excellence in IT regulation
  • Customer Experience of the Decade
  • Best ATM and Kiosks Implementation
  • Most Improved Bank in Best Use of technology
  • Software Company of the Year
  • Digital Transformation Award
  • Payments and Clearing Technology provider of the Year
  • Excellence in Promoting ICT Inclusion Award
  • Telecom Business of the Decade
  • Phone Brand of the Decade
  • ISP Company of the Decade
  • Mobile Money provider of the Decade
  • Best Bank for Financial Inclusion
  • Enterprise Solutions Provider of the Decade
  • Promoting Public Sector Digital Inclusion
  • Phone Distributor of the Decade
  • Fintech Company of the Year
  • Best use of IT to drive Efficiency
  • Digital Bank of the Year
  • Emerging ICT Company of the Year
  • ICT Hall of Fame

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  • Digital Enabler of the Year
  • Mobile Operator of the Decade
  • Mobile Financial and Telecommunications Advocate of the Year
  • CIO of the Year
  • IT Professional of the of the Year
  • ICT Driven CEO of the Year
  • Payment Industry Personality of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution to Telecom Advocacy
  • ISP Leader of the Year
  • ICT Entrepreneur of the Decade

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  • ICT Entrepreneur of the Decade
  • Fintech CEO of the Year
  • Public Sector ICT CEO of the Year
  • ICT Man of the Year
  • Industry Personality of the Year
  • Telecom CEO of the Year
  • Outstanding Contributions in Driving Financial Technology Award
  • Outstanding Contribution to the ICT Industry
  • Innovative product of the year (big time extra bundle)
  • Emerging after sales and maintenance of ICT company of the Year
  • Datacentre of the Year
  • Mobile money leadership award
  • Tower Company of the decade
  • Infrastructure Company of the decade
  • Telecom CEO of the Year


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Now in its 12th year, The Ghana Information Technology & Telecom Award (GITTA) has become the cornerstone event that promotes and celebrates Governments, IT Operators, ISPs, Infrastructure providers, Fintechs, Banks and other stakeholders


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