Projects/Works/Campaigns and Achievements submitted by eligible applicants will be assessed using the information submitted on the entry form via our website against the following?

For Organizational Awards; Categories under these segments are assigned to ICT organisations, Innovations on New Projects, Digital Technologies, and Digital Products, IOTs etc.

Project/Work relevance– How relevant is the project and work to the mandate of the company’s goals and vision, and what benefit would it be to national growth and the emerging market. Show evidence of the particular need the project is addressing and its final beneficiaries.

Innovation– How creative is the project, technology involvement and how much value it has for the customers and feedback.

Sustainability– Indicate elements which allow it to be sustained beyond its implementation stage and indicate the duration it can serve the market.

Efficiency and Effectiveness– How well can the project serve its purpose, what is the impact of the said project or achievement.

Transparency- How transparent was the implementation process.

Replication– Can the project be replicated by other institutions, companies, governments and other businesses and other Industries within or outside the implemented country.


Recipients of the individual categories of the award are recognized for outstanding contributions as individuals, mentors, senior leaders and ICT bigwigs.

Period of Service– Not less than one year serving in current position.

Innovation– Out of the box initiatives implemented

Leadership– Success of projects he or she works on

Integrity– Professional work ethics and good public image

Commitment– Demonstrate commitment to the company’s mandate and national development.

Achievement– Show key success and contribution to the industry as a whole.

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